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Special Thanks to our Funders:

Chicken & Egg Fund
The Fledgling Fund
Moving Image Fund, LEF Foundation
Portrero Nuevo Fund
Puffin Foundation
Radcliffe Institute For Advanced Study
The Rockefeller Foundation NGL

Orgasm Inc. was lovingly hatched with the guidance, support
and insight of Chicken and Egg Pictures

Additional Thanks to our Supporters:

Marta Bach
Alex Barnett
Michele Doty & Leo Bernstein
Alice Bouvrie
Lorretta Campbell
Carl and Carol Canner
Nancy Cohen
Judy Cormier
Edith Crocker
David Deiss
Christian Ettinger
Lynn Fischer
Carol and Atle Gjelsvik
Charity Gray
Larry and Barbara Hohlt
Janine Kanzler

Bill and Lynn Kargman
David Kluft
Claire and Peter Macy
Karen Moss and Dennis Livingston
Malia Scotch-Marmo
Michael Overton
Susan Parker
Vassie Sinopoulos
Harry Saul
Adam Wolfenson and Jennifer Small
Alan Solomont
Nancy Stearns
Jane and E. William Stetson III
Chris White
Georgina Williamson
Ben Winkler
Peter and Lois Winkler

Extra Thanks for the Gift of Time:

The Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
The McColl Center for Visual Art

Orgasm Inc. is a project supported by IFP

Also, thank you to The Center for Independent Documentary for being the early fiscal sponsor of this project.

Become A Supporter

Your tax deductible contribution will support our outreach efforts to use Orgasm Inc. as an organizing and educational tool to improve the sexual health of women worldwide. Even small donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

We have partnered with Network For Good to facilitate your secure online credit card transaction.

You can also make a donation via check. Please make it payable to Astrea Media, Inc. and stipulate that the funds are for Orgasm Inc. outreach. Our address is:

Astrea Media, Inc.
PO Box 665
Hartford, VT 05047
Phone: (802)359-1152

Thank you for helping to make the world a better place for women.