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Host a Screening


If you would like to rent the DVD of Orgasm Inc. for an open-to-the public screening on your campus (and you are not a Cinema Club) or you would like to show the documentary outside the USA or Canada, please contact Astrea Media at or call (617) 733-8426, or if you would like to invite the filmmaker, please contact

If you would like to present Orgasm Inc. in an open-to-the-public screening in the USA or Canada (and you are not an educational institution or campus group), please contact Paul Marchant at First Run Features - or call (212) 243-0600 x22.

If your screening is not open to the general public, you can purchase the DVD here.

Please let us know when & where you are holding your screening so we can add it to Orgasm Inc.’s online calendar.  We have publicity materials that we can email you to help with outreach.  Also, feel free to contact us if you need help finding scholars, therapists, activists or sexperts for a post-screening Q&A.